NRAPRS version 2.0


Welcome to NRAPRS (version 2.0)

What is it?

Just like the official radio amateurs have APRS, NRAPRS is a positioning system for Network Radio users. It's custom design for our needs/users. There are two parts to it. First is the QTH or home location map, where you can show other users where your located. The second part is live tracking. You can report your real time position to other users, or share it with friends or family when your traveling.

What is it not?

NRAPRS at this moment is NOT to keep track if your vehicle is moving like a parked camper. At a later stage this may be a option. Where testing some small trackers. It's NOT to keep track of the wife or childeren when there out and about.

Do NOT, depend on it, where life's are concerned, we can't guarantee that your gps data is correct, it may be to some help to you, but do not use it in a life or dead situation.

Demo QTH map

Previous user?

You will notice a big change in NRAPRS Version 2.0
There are a lot more security and safety features installed in this completely rebuild version simple called "NRAPRS Version 2.0".

  • There is now the need to register before you can use the map.
  • Once approved you can add as ├╣any devices (radio's) as you like.
  • Once approved you can start sharing your position to other users, friends and family when traveling.
  • Many new features and options are in de making, and will soon be online.

NRAPRS version 2.0 was made for the Network Radio community and is therefore open for use, by all Network Radio users. If you have a NR or ZRB callsign your good to go as is. If you don't have a callsign by one of these two groups we can create a tempory callsign for you or you may use your HAM call. (will need to be verified.)

First responders community, or other group?

If you are part of a first responders community, or other group, and want to use the NRAPRS map, please contact us so we can work something out, custom build for you.

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