Terms of use. Read carefully please.

Things you need to know:


  1. Your callsign MUST be in the following format:

    (No spaces nor other characters allowed)

    as a example: NR9999_Marc-9 or NR9999-9 (see the legend table for more info)

I Understand the protocol to be used.


  1. Only NR and ZRB calls are allowed.
  2. If you wish to use your official HAM call you need to request access. You can do this here
  3. Non-compliant stations are blocked automatically.
  4. Fake or "self-made" call signs are not allowed.
  5. NRAPRS can only be used by active NR or ZRB channel users.
    It's Not to track your goods in case they get stolen, or whatever.
  6. NRAPRS is NOT to be used in any case of emergency.

I Understand and agree to the rules.

Terms Of Service (TOS) under which the NRAPRS.be service is provided:

NRAPRS.be hereafter called the "service"

  1. NRAPRS.be works best in combination with a Chrome browser.
    Chrome is downloadable on Windows, Tablets and mobile phones (Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad.)
  2. The service is provided for free, as a public service, by a single individual (Marc-ON3PHP/ZRB003/NR095), as a hobby in his spare time.
  3. The service in general will be up and running, but there are no guarantees, and maybe down at any time.
  4. Donating hardware, money, links, your time, or computing capacity to the service, will never entitle to any additional rights, better service, or any support at all should the service become unavailable.
  5. NRAPRS.be is not open source software.
  6. You are not allowed to "frame" content from the NRAPRS.be website.
  7. You are not allowed to use content from the user interface NRAPRS.be website for the purpose of displaying it on another site or software application without a written permission from the owner (Marc-ONPHP/ZRB003/NR095) of the NRAPRS.be service.
  8. The sole purpose of this service is to publish real-time and historical position tracking data.
    Such data is considered sensitive and private by many.
    If you do not wish to make your position known to everyone in the world, do not transmit it!
    If it gets to NRAPRS.be using the Traccar App, it will be published and retained on the map for at least 25 min past your last position transmission.
    If the unlikely would happen, and data would be stolen from the service (using a physical or a virtual computer crime method), NRAPRS.be or its maintainers assume no liability of any sort.
  9. Please remember that, by law, you're generally only allowed to publish your own tracking data,
    and the position of your own vehicles, unless express permission from the target of the tracking is obtained.
    If you do not wish your position to be published on the Internet by someone, the only guaranteed way is not to transmit it.
  10. Only and only ZRB members, NR members and official callsign holders may use the service. All others will be banned.

I Have read and agree to the Terms of use and Conditions.

Privacy Policy:

  1. Just like most other websites, we use third-party mapping.
  2. Although cookies have been in wide use since the 90's, new law and policies set by the EU and Google require us to display a prominent warning to visitors from the EU residents, regarding the use of cookies.
  3. Storage time

    Your position is visible on the map up to 25 min after your last postion transmission is received.
    Your history is automatically cleaned every 12 hours, and all data will be eraesed.

  4. If you worry about your location being seen, don't get on the map.

I Have read and agree to the Privacy Policy.

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Made by Marc (ON3PHP / ZRB003 / NR095) for the network radio community.